Professional artist woodturner

Born in 1986, in France, Coralie grew up surrounded by the smell and contact of wood thanks to a father who was passionate about carpentry. Her sensitivity to wood craftsmanship grew as she discovered different skills from around the world. Her latent passion for wood became obvious to her in 2016 when by chance, she met a turned walnut bowl, which opened her up to the art of woodturning.

During her various travel experiences, she exchanged with some of the international turners who inspire her, such as Alain Mailland, Rolly Munro, Robbie Graham, Neil Turner, Ulf Janssen, as much by the beauty and creativity of their works as by their philosophies of life.

She decided to become a professional turner and, in 2018-2019, attended the long training course at the ESCOULEN woodturning school in the south of France, from which she graduated with the commendation of the exam jury.

She recently set up her workshop in the south- west of France.She is energetically involved with the development of local and national AFTAB projects, and continues to learn from those who inspire her.

Artistic Approach

Attentive to the quality of a detail, the harmony of shapes and finishes, Coralie likes to work with finesse and precision, letting herself be carried away by the elegance of a curve, the fluidity of a gesture. She likes to follow where the material and the movement take her, welcoming with pleasure the constraints of the wood with which she plays with as part of the creative process.

Coralie strives to enhance wood in its natural form, bringing out its texture, underlining its particularities and properties, specific to each species, highlighting its singularity, its imperfections.

Her wish is to make objects to touch, to smell, to caress, to pamper, to contemplate, to enjoy…

Coralie likes to play with the combination of textures and materials, and to add playfulness to art, by creating living turned sculptures that can be arranged as you wish.

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