Next Events and Exhibitions :

  • Symposium Wood Carving

Second edition of the woodcarving symposium in Château de Pigailh (Carla Bayle), from 8th to 11th june 2023

4 days with demonstration and collaborative work with 11 carvers.

  • Collaboration seminar between artists and makers

Coralie Saramago will be part of the 35 carft makers for Le Grand Atelier 2023 from 25th june to 2nd july.

A full week of collaboration between 35 craft makers from everywhere to create unique pieces to buy the 2nd of july at online auction here

  • Exhibition Galerie Espace des Coucarils

Exhibition in the gallery Espace des Coucarils – Carla Bayle (09130) from 2nd to 31th of august.

Opening Saturday 5th of august at 5pm.

Collective exhibition with 7 artists and crafts makers in “l’espace des Coucarils”, center town of village d’art de Carla Bayle.


18th and 19th of november 2023

Address : salle Jean SALLE située 20 rue du CHATELAIN 69110 St FOY les LYON

A national event organised by AFTAB since more than 20 years. Come and visit a high quality exhibition of 20 french woodturners.

Past exhibitions :

  • AFTAB Exhibition at Les Journées Extraordinaires d’Aiguines

  • Show Talents de Femmes

Coralie Saramago won the price of the show Women Talents 2023

  • Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art 2023 – 17e édition

Exceptional opening of Coralie SARAMAGO’s workshop called Likoa’Art from 1st to 2nd of april.

  • Exhibition “Bois d’œuvres”

Exhibition “Bois d’œuvres” in the Event Les Nuits des Forêts (St Liziers, Ariège) 18th and 19th of june 2022

exposition "bois d’œuvres" Coralie Saramago-Tourneur et sculpteur sur bois
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  • Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art

Exceptional opening of Coralie SARAMAGO’s workshop called Likoa’Art from 1st to 3rd of april.

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  • Foire internationale de Toulouseournées Européennes des Métiers d’Art

Seed Collection will be exhibit at Foire internationale de Toulouse (Stand Région Occitanie, Hall 3), 9th to 18th of April

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In her own new workshop, in center town of Foix :

Here you can watch how it looks like :

Coralie's Saramago stand

“Heart in Fire” has been exhibited at:

  • Boutique Ateliers d’Art de France de Pézenas, région Occitanie

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The exhibition “Expression Bois” of artistic woodturning in Nontron, Dordogne, France

Exposition tournage d'art Nontron 2020

Past events :

  • Craft Makers exhibition FRAGMENTS in Toulouse (FRANCE), 19th to 21th of november 2021
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  • Collaboration seminar between artists and makers
Le Grand Atelier, collabotation entre artisans d'art
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