Heart in Fire

Turned art sculpture “Heart in Fire
original creation of Coralie Saramago.


Unique art piece “Skin in cork oak and leather
designed and made by Coralie Saramago
for the Quercus Suber 2019 competition.


Woodturning art craft flower nepenthe in hackberry wood called Attraction made in france by Coralie Saramago

Woodturned sculpture ” Attraction
made by Coralie Saramago
from an original idea of Alain Mailland


woodturned and carved vase in boxwood called Wild art work from Coralie Saramago french wood artist

Art pieceWild“, Box wood
original creation of Coralie Saramago

Bouton d’or” (buttercup)

woodturned button pyrographed in boxwood called Buttercup art craft from Coralie Saramago french woodturner

Single art piece “Buttercup, pyrographed unique button in Box wood
original creation of Coralie Saramago