Sculpture “Heart in Fire”,

An original artwork by Coralie Saramago

When passion comes to life within us… is it a flower that blooms or a fire that consumes us?

Each curve takes us into the movement of flames, a blazing fire like the one that lives inside us when we love. Each grain of wood, highlighted by sandblasting, adds to the relief and roundness of the flames.

Seen from above, the view is one of wonder, where the flames suddenly become like a colorful tropical flower that transports us, perhaps the flower of a heart that opens to love…

Photo de la pièce " heart in fire ", création originale de Coralie Saramago

“Heart in fire” is first and foremost a love story.

It’s the story of twin flames who meet and realize that they are making one, linked by their roots. It’s also the story of a fiery passion that ignites, and at the same time, by its very intensity, is also burning itself.

Have you ever let yourself falling in love with such ardor and passion?

This creative piece represents the fire that drives us when we love passionately, when everything grabs you and takes you to visit a part of yourself that we didn’t know existed…right there, in your heart.

Photo détaillée de la pièce " heart in fire ", création originale de Coralie Saramago

For just as in the heart of these flames, which are in unison, a passion that sometimes burns our wings can give birth to a magnificent, colorful flower, symbolizing the wonder of a heart that opens up to Love.

From this inner feeling, this stimulating emotion, arose in me the image of this lively fire, blazing in my body and in my heart; the image of these curves, graceful, soft but piquant at the same time, as an abused love can be; and then the image of these double flames, one enveloping the other, linked by their owmn darkness. Seen from above, from the outside, their dark bond becomes invisible, merging with the base, and only then, their colored light shines out… from the outside, we may see only the beautiful in others, and yet, each and every relationship has its part of shadow and mystery.

Heart in Fire is a flame that’s lively, warm and elegant… It seduces us, like carnivorous flowers. Attracted by its vivid colors, it’s only when we look at it a little bit closer that we can discover all the beauty of this flower with its fiery petals.

Photo du dessus de la pièce " heart in fire ", création originale de Coralie Saramago - credit photo : J-Y Le Dorlot

The technique used to create these flame shapes is the culmination of Coralie Saramago’s creative process, following several months of exploration and prototyping.

The sandblasted finish elegantly reveals the pattern of the hackberry’s veining.

Gradation of colors from black to bright yellow, from the base to the tip of the flames, creates the desired illusion when the piece is viewed from above.

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