Created as a tribute to trees, this is the story of the Seed of Life:

Here is the side view of the turned, carved and steam-bended sculpture "Seed of Life", an original creation by Coralie Saramago, in white oak

In a nearby imaginary country, there are immense trees that blend the roots of African baobabs with the tops of New Zealand Kauris.
In their fleshy foliage, thousands of unusually-shaped seeds are suspended, allowing water to settle and birds to drink.

When the breeding season arrives, one by one, these slender seeds leave the height of the branches and, thanks to their pointed shape, come to be planted easily and directly in the ground.

From there, thanks to the water still present in the hollow of the seed and its stem-to-leaf development, the seed can quickly give birth to a new tree.

suspended profile view of the turned, carved and steam-bended sculpture "Seed of Life" an original creation by the woodturner artist Coralie Saramago

When humans are lucky enough to come across one of these, they can choose to draw inspiration from it to repopulate the Earth with forests to nourish and develop Life.

Some even have the privilege of acquiring one, which can inspire them to cultivate Life within themselves and in their daily lives…

Wood species : Oakwood