The “Twin Flames” sculpture
is a living sculpture from woodturning and woodcarving.

Inspired by the movement of life, the unforeseen events and variables in relationships,

this sculpture is a composition of 5 twin flames,
mobile and adjustable to our liking,
to suit our moods or our desires for design and play.

Each part represents one of the 5 elements essential to Life on Earth.

Photo of "Twin Flames", a global vision of a presentation proposal - original creation by Coralie Saramago

Made of white oak,
local wood species, harvested in Ariège (09),
the work was first turned and then carved from a single piece of trunk.

In this way, the reunion of the 5 elements recreates the unity of the initial segment of wood, and metaphorically, the creation of Life.

Here, the bending technique enhances the curves and movement of the flames.

Photo of the "Twin Flames" piece, a detailed vision of the entangled parts - original creation by Coralie Saramago

The technique used to create these flame shapes is the culmination of Coralie Saramago’s creative process, following several months of exploration and prototyping.

The perfectly smooth finish reveals the beauty of the cross-veining typical of white oak and its warm hue.